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Musical Production

רעיון מוסיקלי הופך להרמוניה של כלים


No matter what style you request to produce your album - rock, pop, progressive, hip hop, electronic, or Middle Eastern music - Pausa production house will get the music producer's right for you.

Our studio employees produce first-class musical. Among the artists who under by our producers will find Ronit Shahar, David D'Or, natural selection, Arik Sinai, Noa Deutsch, Mei Finegold, DISIAC, and many others ...

Good music producer knows what tools to bring its processing - a great producer knows how to give up.


Jean Paul Zimbers on drums Pausa

Even occasional piano

Cello sessions recorded with Neumann U87


The production process begins construction of a musical concept album, the song selection appropriate amendments to the text, musical arrangement, selecting musicians, programming, work, guiding the artist in the studio singing and submitting text, and everything in between.

We accommodate full production from raw materials processing through to master.




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