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Pausa Production House was founded by Ronit and Yigal Ohanna. The creative couple moved from Tel Aviv to the north of Israel in 2005 where they decided to consolidate all of their talents into one production house that would serve as a creative umbrella for cinema, music, theatre and production.

Ronit Ohanna: director, writer, theatre and creative writing workshop facilitator. Co-owner of Pausa Production House.

I’ve always searched for ways to express myself. I studied theatre at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, where I felt right at home. The theatre opened up an entire world of creativity for me in which I could experiment, explore, get lost, get found, collaborate with others and just creative. To me, the theatre isn’t just a skill or a craft. It’s a tool with which one can undergo individual, collective and communal processes. The theatre meets the individual at their lowest and highest. It reflects reality and also helps shape reality. It echoes onto its surrounding and brings people from different walks of life together.

The theatre is deeply rooted in our lives. Dramatic acting is natural, it is part of an individual’s growth and development in the early years of their development, and in one way or another, later in life as well. We portray ourselves on the stage of life, and improvise all the time according to the circumstances.   



Yigal Ohanna: film director, screenwriter, theater and film actor, musician, lecturer and teacher, co-owner of Pausa Production House.

I’ve been professionally involved in stage and musical productions since the age of 14. I started out acting and singing as a youth, later enlisting to the Israel Army Band. It was there I fell in love with the technological side of the music world and started my first home recording studio.

I’ve always had a hard time committing to one trade. After investing countless hours into thinking, learning, specializing and exploring different creative fields, I discovered the world of video, which miraculously combined my love for drama, writing, directing and music. Despite my devotion to this field, every once in a while, I get a craving for acting, singing, writing a new play, recording an interesting EP, and even developing and launching new ideas.



Porat Avigal: Producer, Director, Creative. Pausa Production House Projects Manager.

In everything I do I am seeking the perfect harmony. The thing that unites needs, aspirations, the right measure, budget, relationships, freedom and the natural connection to karma. I also bring the same values to our daily work at “Pausa Production House”.

I like to meet a client who fulfills his ambitions, and loves to manage a process where everyone involved enjoys creativity, pleasant work, professionalism, and a perfect result.



Dolev Dick: musician, composer, arranger, Pausa Production House Head of Audio Department.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had one thing on my mind – music! Other things came and went but music always stayed. I started by playing classical music, flamenco, jazz and rock on the guitar, then moved on to the rest of the rhythm section. I’ve played on multiple instruments in ensembles, orchestras and bands, arranged music for orchestras, plays and films, taught music in schools and trained young musicians. For me there is nothing more magical than a new song!



Eyal Frieberg: musician

I look at music as a way of life, an experience and a tool for interpersonal communication. I create and produce sounds, melodies and harmonies in multiple styles.

I instruct musical ensembles of all ages, and love what I do.



Alon Ohana: musical producer, composer, arranger, programmer, keyboard player, recording studio owner and sound design lecturer at Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee.

I started out at Neto Studios – an analog studio founded in the early 90s in Petah Tikva. There I produced several albums for up-and-coming artists and helmed progressive rock project “Face No. 5” with Tal Lev – a complex production that featured a children’s choir, a narrator, bells, an accordion, a philharmonic orchestra string quartet, multiple musicians and one Avi Singolda.

Pausa Production House is always at your service…

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