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מעבירים את המסר שלך בצורה קלילה, נעימה וזורמת


The need to illustrate different content and messages have always existed in the world of advertising and marketing. We want our information to meet the audience in a simple, direct and enjoyable way. The methods change all the time but the search continues.

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to achieve these goals these days, is to produce animated videos. Animation allows you to convey complex messages in a light and flowing way. The animated characters make it easier for the viewer to connect to the direct messages of the film.


An animated film for "Yom Ha-mea"

An animated film for "the Western Wall Heritage Foundation"

An animated film for "The Protection of Nature authority"


Animation films are suitable for Various fields with complex or "dry" content, such as High tech, Fundraising, Training courses in the medical world, an illustration of future projects, marketing etc. Animation films are suitable even when the company or business wants to avoid shooting in their site because they do not feel that their place Suitable for branding worthy of their company.

Options range from:

  • Animation films With animated characters
  • Infographics Videos Combining text and animated objects
  • Combining animated characters into a real live scenes
  • Combining Animated Objects In a regular film, etc.


This is an interesting and versatile tool and therefore you should consider using it when you are producing a Promotional film.


PR film - the Western Wall Heritage Foundation

An animated film for "Yom Ha-mea"

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