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Children and youth classes

Theater gives children a sense of security in the region, the attention and the environment, heightened sense of self-worth and mostly complete pleasure and boundless


Pause classrooms for educational theater and drama creates a game divided according to age groups:

  • Age group A to G.
  • Age group D - F
  • קבוצת גילאי ז' – ח'


The annual activity is the process and structured. Weekly meeting (Duration tailored to each age group), and at the end of the activity there is a meeting summary / presentation open to the public.

Participating in experiential work experience, individual and group, which combines elements of theater and game materials inner world of children.
התרגילים הינם דינמיים ומגוונים, ומאפשרים למשתתף להרחיב את יכולותיו המשחקיות, לבוא לידי ביטוי, להמציא ולהמריא על כנפי הדמיון, להשחיז את יכולת הביטוי, לעבד רגעים מן היומיום באופן חדש, להשתכלל ביכולת להגיב ולפעול ברגע (אלתור), לנוע ולבטא באופן שאינו מילולי, לרכוש אינספור כלים וטכניקות משחקיות, וכמובן ליהנות ולהשתחרר.


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Confidence in my abilities

Kfar Haruv's 40-year performance


A personal word from me (Ronit):

My basic premise is that the drama theater works and the game is a platform through which group members can deepen their knowledge of themselves, with creative powers and their imagination and of course with the group.

I'm careful balance between group work, pair work and personal practice.

Gradually forming a group supportive and accommodating, allowing each to be what it is, including what he wants to be ... at any time again!

מוזמנים להצטרף (:  רונית


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