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Community Theater

On the stage of our lives, we are all actors.

Spontaneity, flexibility of thinking, creativity and enjoyment purchased meetings seep into life.


Our amateur theater group operates, composition changes, has been for 12 years.

The group meets throughout the year, the process of in-depth, experiential, entertaining and fun. Working group meeting once a week in the evening.

The group is chronic director Ohana, which together with the group coming out every year on a fascinating journey, thorough and inquisitive, who is trying to draw more and more the boundaries of theatrical language and the infinite range of work actor / person.

The meetings are based on a variety of improvisational exercises, most of which were developed or expanded by Ronit. The main ambition is to work out the present moment, to release emotional blockages and effort "retarded", and to respond authentically lived literally and movement.

The theater group is a real hotbed for its members. Contains, pleasant, enables flexible.


From the play "Once we were"

From the show

From the play "Classics and we '


At the end of each year up the group show open to the public.

The plays are "sewn" by Ronit Ohana, director and group facilitator Pausa, depending on the content and composition of the team. The plays are based on existing plays, some known and some are not, receiving and processing new interpretation.

The group's productions are performed with high quality, and receive a local audience (not just local) enthusiastic and loyal.
Welcome to join us! We "do life" in every sense of the word!


"To die for love" - ​​presentation of year-end 2015

The hot seat - Pilot network series featured group members

Promotional film

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