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From different worlds into one precise moment

Pause Production House offers consulting services, concept building and developing creative content for stage, media, and multimedia.


We are dealing with copywriting, content creation and creative development of art projects that combine different media and technologies, stage of the project thought to the idea taking shape and becoming a finished product.


The leading team Pausa is a veteran of over 30 years in various creative and holds extensive experience. The experience that we harness work in front of you customers. All in favor of creating more successful.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep "Scott Adams"
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לכבוד יגאל אוחנה, פאוזה בית הפקות,

We would like to express appreciation and thanks. Arts and crafts, crafted mosaic train the population in our seats.

Voices from the past and present, accompanied by a process which is expressed in all back to the peak phase-!

You enriched all of us a feeling and a gentle reminder of the importance of teamwork, investment and familiarity-is valuable.

Is-then, seven wonders of the world were revealed to our case: sight, hearing, touch, taste, feel, laugh and love accompanied every meeting and back.

For this we thank you, because we see that the beginning of a joint community action and sustained.

Hmofa- like Cthilh- many others will speak and tell him.

And go right to lead a team lead the process of creating a community pause it.

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude

The team's 60th anniversary celebrations Organization

Moshav Bnei Atarot

Ronit, only praise and gratitude. Glad we got to work together. I think you're a producer who knows tap the event in the most perfectionist that,
Most impressive, everything is good and pleasant atmosphere without any sense of pressure, humility and attentiveness. Huge nose !!! Learn from you was a pleasure and a privilege.

All the best to happen (-:


Witnesses Pijade, Director of Tourism Marketing Golan - the festival "Agriculture, tastes and smells"

לכבוד יגאל אוחנה, פאוזה בית הפקות

ברצוננו להודות על חלקכם בפרוייקט בניית האולפנים שלנו (אודיו/וידאו) שנפתחו לאחרונה במתחם החברה שלנו בתל אביב.

Professionalism and knowledge you invested acoustic design work, equipment selection through to the actual installation of any studio, allow us today to make the recordings until the day we got outside the studio, here in the most professional manner.

Our house technicians also expressed their satisfaction at the work place comfort, and most importantly, the quality of the final result.

Hoping for further cooperation in the future.

Tal Lev - CEO "Tal Productions"

The company "Tal Productions"

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