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Developing content and artistic advice

Artistic consultant is a good compass, dispatcher and guardian of your artistic project. Is at the client from the first step in the project to finish


All quality project starts from a concept creative brilliant!

We carry out research for you and your needs mapping, cracking right concept project, program, meeting with suppliers and actual operations, etc.

We will accompany the process from start to finish, will assist in building "work process" and become true partners to carry out the various stages. As part of our role Ccioatz Art doses and combinations offer the correct support the central theme of the work, and allow different media to empower each other, without creating unnecessary clutter.

  • Building Work flow (Workflow) as production
  • Supplier selection and supervision of wise
  • Integration between Creative Technology
  • The project budget planning
  • Monitoring the implementation




Art projects large and complex usually incorporate a variety of media and artistic genres, uniting into one work.

Art direction and production design of this type requires on the one hand and the selection of content development concept accurate and creative writer.

On the other hand, the creative powers of observation was pushed off the "to arrange the puzzle and dosages that will enhance each other.

On the third hand, in-depth knowledge and practical with a large variety of artistic and technological fields to make the dream theory to practice realism.


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