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Special projects

Sometimes a combination of different media.

Sometimes technological project.

We like to stay surprised



Pause production house specialized in the design and implementation of various projects and specialized in media and the arts.

  • תכנון אדמיניסטרטיבי לכל פרוייקט בכל סדר גודל
  • תכנון קריאייטיבי לכל פרוייקט
  • גיבוש צוותים מתאימים לפרוייקט בארץ ובעולם
  • Deadlines are set




Apple SIRI

This application intercalated project for Apple devices

The project began the process of preparation of half a year, where we held countless meetings with overseas client, build infrastructure planning, managing and produced for the project.

The project included a summons Israeli hundreds of recording sessions across the country, within a limited time, and recruiting teams scattered Israel. The planning phase included apprenticeship rates of staff recruited on a dedicated app designed just for NUANCE project by the American company.

Once activated port project is a set of publication, tapes all over the country, gathering timely information from the field at hourly and daily reports overseas customer for all sessions held anywhere very detailed resolutions.

The project was completed successfully and today serves tens of thousands of iPhone users speak Hebrew.


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Siri app intercalated project


Siri on iPhone



Voice Story

Audio-project environmental performance

Community environmental project that includes large environmental performance, accompanied by an audio clip in which players show a scene concerning the performance issue.

The project is the fruit of cooperation between the three bodies. The company "Msbirn voice" who initiated the project, Roy conducted an environmental sculpture that creates the visual performance and we (Pause Home Productions) produced the artistic content, cast the actors, record, and edit the soundtrack.

הפרוייקט יושם כבר במספר מקומות ברחבי הארץ. בין היתר הזמינה המועצה האיזורית גולן את הפרוייקט עבור 15 ישובים בגולן, במסגרת חגיגות ה50 לגולן. כבר עכשיו אפשר לתכנן מסלול בגולן סביב הסיפורים הקוליים הפזורים בו ומספרים בצורה דרמטית, היתולית או מרגשת את סיפורו של הישוב וגם להנות ממיצג המאפשר לטפס עליו, להתגלש ממנו או סתם להנות מיופיו.

The work process includes a combination of community under construction, writing of content and game scenes recorded.


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The shoe's on - stage design

The shoe's on - execution

Voice Story Bridge

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