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Film Stage events

Business event is the face of the company. The quality of the content projected event tells the audience how you perceive yourself.


CLOSING year of a large company, an important conference of a government office, launching a new product or even a political event begins and ends during the evening. All production is directed itself within several hours. But the resonance of such an event could take many years ahead.

All good event begins selecting and producing quality content and meticulous. From the design stage, selecting speakers, matching the right food event to the main film will be screened at the event.


Content integration and business event screening

A good film startles the event

Producing visuals and stage events Movies


In recent years we have produced dozens of films flagship event for public agencies and leading companies in the Israeli economy. This is a complex process which should work together synergistically to raise tens factors also manages to show the artistic and technical.

We maintain a continuous dialogue with the customer, with the production company, the concept of creative event and with all the physical aspects (design stage and screens, amplification, lighting, effects and visual elements) and based on all these producers you movies of any length, resolution, or genre required.


"Wipe the move" - ​​Negev Conference 2014

Nature Protection Society Conference

"Cylinder numbers" - an event light movement

Yuval 50 level fulfilling

"New North" - and the Galilee Conference 2016

Outstanding Film - ICC-Cal Event

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