Content Development and Art Consulting

A good art consultant is the conscience, usher and gatekeeper of your art project. Standing with the client from the first step of the project to the very end.

Every good project begins with a brilliant creative concept!

We perform research and map your needs, crack the right concept for the project, write the content, deal with suppliers and contractors etc.

We stay involved throughout the entire process, assisting you in building the right “work flow” and executing various stages of the project. As art consultants, we will offer the proper balance and the right combinations to support the main theme of the piece and allow the various mediums to empower one another, without adding unnecessary burdens.

  • Building the right work flow for the production
  • Choosing and supervising suppliers
  • Integrating the creative aspect with technology
  • Planning the project’s budget
  • Supervision of execution



Big, complex art projects usually involve a variety of mediums and genres that coalesce into one work of art.

Art directing and planning productions of this kind require someone who can develop content and choose a precise and super-creative concept, see the work from a “bird’s-eye view” and arrange all the pieces of the puzzle on the other hand, and be intimately and practically familiar with a wide range of artistic and technologic skills to turn the dream into a reality.

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