Festival and Event Production

An entire world of content accumulating into one intense day.

A good festival has to provide an ongoing multi-sensory experience.

A pleasant environment, good music, activities that match the theme and participants of different ages, seating areas, food and diverse content. Every festival centers around a theme, which affects all the other elements and components.

Our clients benefit from our many years of experience and a deep understanding of the different elements that make a good festival/event:

Conceptual thinking, mastery of multiple mediums.

Creativity, originality, and an emphasis on community.

The ability to organize and find logistic solutions.

Meticulous work under a predefined budget.

All of these help us be precise in our work without losing sight of our creative spirit or the pleasure of turning an abstract idea into a momentous event.


Festivals produced by us include:

  • “A Kindling Festival” (Hanukkah 2016)
  • “Agriculture, Tastes and Smells” Festival (June 2017)
  • “Sukkoth of Creation” Festival (October 2017)

Each of these festivals was based on a precise concept and meticulously executed artistic, cultural and communal goals, while taking all of the aspects and components that comprise such a rich event into account. All three were a resounding success in their respective communities, entertaining and bringing the masses who attended them together.

We provide overall management of every step of producing a festival / community event, and are committed to provide our clients with a responsible, meticulous, patient and pleasant work flow. Because how we get there is just as important as the end result.

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