Special Projects

Sometimes we combine different medias. Sometimes we perform a technologic project. We like to keep us on our toes

Pausa Production House specializes in planning and executing different types of projects in the world of media and art.

  • Administrative planning for projects of all shapes and sizes
  • Creative planning for each project
  • Building the right teams for the project in Israel and abroad
  • Meeting deadlines



SIRI Apple | Hebrew localization of the iOS app

The project began with a six month-long pre-production process, during which we held countless conference calls with the client overseas, laying down the foundations for the project.

The project included bringing in hundreds of Israelis to recording sessions across the country, on a tight schedule, while recruiting teams across Israel. The planning stage also included training the new team using a dedicate app designed for the project by US company NUANCE.

Once the project was launched, we began running publicity, recordings across the country, gathering up-to-date information from the field on an hourly basis, and reporting to the client overseas daily on every session that took place in every location in great detail.

The project was a success and nowadays is used by tens of thousands of Hebrew speaking iPhone users.

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Audio Story (“Sipur Koli”) | Environmental-audio art project

An environmental community project that includes a large environmental sculpture, accompanied by an audio track in which actors play out a scene about the topic.

This project is the result of a collaboration between 3 bodies. Masbiran Koli, which initiated the project, local sculptor Roee Shinar who created the visual art and us (Pausa Production House), who produce the artistic content, which included casting, recording and editing the soundtrack.

The project has already been implemented in several locations across Israel, including Golan Regional Council, which ordered the project for 15 localities in the Golan as part of its 50th anniversary. This project allows you to plan a trip in the Golan based on the audio stories scattered around the region, which tell the locality’s story in a dramatic, humorous or moving manner and even enjoy the environmental sculpture that allows you to climb on top of it, slide off it or just admire its beauty.

The work process also involves the community in the stage of planning, writing and acting on the recorded scenes.

For more information on the project click here

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