Visitor Center Planning and Design

From inception to execution. From dream to reality. By establishing a visitor center, the client is making a statement that they mean business.

Establishing a Visitor Center | Welcome to the Experience

A visitor center takes the general public on a “behind the scenes” tour of our client’s world.

Visitor centers tell the audience that you believe in transparency, are open to dialogue and interested in telling a story and sharing it with the visitors. In today’s world, these values are just as important as excellence, reputation, seniority or innovation. These are the things that turn end customers into fans.

Planning a Visitor Center | “This is our story”

Planning and designing a visitor center for a new client is an invitation for us to enter the client’s world.

We start by picking up on the slightest nuances that make up the fabric of the company or story behind the visitor center, and continue by planning an art concept that would present all this content in a creative manner, introducing it to the visitors in a fascinating, entertaining and moving way. When designing a visitor center, we provide personal support to our clients every step of the way.

  • Content development and concept design
  • Architecture planning, construction and design of the visitor center
  • Combining different mediums (design, video, sound, lighting)
  • Integrating elements of content and technology

Degania Alef Visitor Center

Kinneret Dates Visitor Center

Kishon Visitor Center

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