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Mobile Studio

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If you do not come to the studio - then a pause mobile studio comes to you!

Do you have what the record, but do not feel like to go into the studio? Who said you need to go? Pausa's mobile studio is on the way to you. We will establish with you a super-professional studio and we'll record your music at the highest level possible.


השירות מיועד לחבורות זמר ומקהלות

הקלטת נוער וילדים בבתי ספר 

הקלטת הרכבים במתנ"סים, עיריות וישובים

הקלטת מופעי מוסיקה

הקלטות לצורך תיעוד אירועים מיוחדים

או כל צורך שמחייב הקלטה איכותית ונקייה קרוב לבית



Why is it good?

  • Fast and professional result.
  • Transportation cost savings recording studio.
  • Cost savings and security escort accompanying adults (in the case of schools).
  • Service "to the house".


How it goes?

  • You invite us.
  • In consultation with you, we choose a suitable recording space (there is always one).
  • We arrive, place the gear, and start recording.
  • At the end of the work we perform the mix (cooking) instead of, or later in the studio. Your choice.
  • You get a result on a file / CD that includes all segments recorded.




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