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Pausa Production House is a film production company.


We love cinema, love the process of making a film from concept to editing, and love the technology of film's making. This love pushes us to always stay connected to the latest photography technologies.


We produce commercials, corporate films and instructional videos for business and institutes, as well as artistic projects such as feature films and documentaries.

Every production is undergoing a structured process of artistic and technical supervision, from the concept of the script to the final shot in the editing room.



Over 500 films were produced in Pausa Production House during the last 6 years!


"I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians" Francis Ford Coppola

To Pausa Production House

Hello Dear Sirs,
מקצועיות, אמינות ומסירות - כך הייתי מגדיר את פאוזה. מתחילת הדרך הם ידעו להתאים את התקציב למוצר ולהפיק את המירב מהמשאבים שהיו לרשותנו. כמובן שהוידיאו-גרפיה הייתה מצוינת: כל שוט היה יצירה אומנותית, כל זווית חושבה, וכל סיפור הועבר לצופה. עם פאוזה יום צילום זה יום צילום, זמנים זה קודש וכבוד הדדי הוא הבסיס ליחס המקצועי. ברצוני להודות ליגאל, לאורי המפיק, לעירא הצלם/עורך ולצוות האדמיניסרטיבי על הפקה מושקעת ומוצלחת שמכבדת את העיר אריאל ואת תושביה.

Best regards,
Avi Zimmerman
CEO. Ariel Development Fund

Ariel Development Fund - Corporate film for the Ariel city

In honor of Yigal Ohana and Pausa
Re: producing a promotional film for the water corporation "Mey Hatanur"

I want to express my great appreciation and gratitude to the film production process for our company. Throughout this process, we realized that we work with expert staff, attentive service and customer needs while meeting the timetables set.
All this led to produce the most successful promotional film which contributed to the corporation's public relations efforts.
Congratulations to all those involved.
Best regards,
CPA Abraham Barel,
"Mey Hatanur" CEO Water and Sewage Corporation Ltd.

"Mey Hatanur" Water and Sewage Corporation Ltd.- corporate film

In honor of the Pausa team
ARI Company prepared with your help a film that demonstrates how you can save energy with air valves Phoenix Contact are valued.
ARI members are very satisfied with the final product meets the film's primary goal setting work, and the expectations of all the partners to work. We have a new tool for promoting our work and our representatives in the world and has already started to receive comments from the audience abroad.
Joint work was organized, orderly, quick and good atmosphere. Rabbi own experience and professional approach of the Pausa crew instructed us how to prepare for a day shooting and contributed to work efficiency, as well as the quality of the result.

We look forward to avail the services of Pausa Production House.
Thanks and regards, Hilla Sagi, ARI

ARI Company - Product film

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