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Creating. Music

A recording studio and music complex is open to the horizon

We love making good music in our studio.

In order to create great music in the studio you need a well written and composed song, excellent musicians, Atmosphere that enables free creation and high end equipment that will allow all those dreams come true.


Our studio is located in the most beautiful country on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee, and it is built and equipped to international standards to the level of equipment is fine acoustics. Experience of almost 30 years in various musical projects adds some spice celebration.


המתחם מציע ללקוחותינו שירותי מוסיקה ושירותי אודיו נרחבים: הקלטת סינגלים ואלבומים, הפקה מוסיקלית במגוון ז'אנרים, פרוייקטי אודיו לחברות טכנולוגיות, שירותי הקלטה מרחוק, הפקת ג'ינגלים ועריכה מוסיקלית, ובעיקר מיקום מעולה ואווירה ביתית.


This is the fourth studio we have built since we started our way in the music scene and recordings, and has been recorded in the best Israeli artists including Daniel Salomon, Evyatar Banai, father Singolda, Zvika Pik, Zehava Ben, Chris Thile, Noa Deutsch, Black Velvet Ice 9, Alona Daniel, Subterranean Masquerade, "Comedy Store", Shmulik Budagov Si Heiman and more ...


being in a recording studio. I like watching a song go from the simplicity of the original music" Grace Slick"
Watching a movie image

I hope This studio become my second home.
post Scriptum.
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Alona Daniel


Great pleasure to entrust my music in your hands. Thank you for the incredible work, professional and fun!


Rivers of mud

In times of madness

Will she hear them

Like he never did

That man

Tomer, thank you for caring and good will! You would Technician excellent!

Ben Shaham

Yigal & Tomer ("Rasta" Baba) Pink

Thank you for the time you invested, the workmanship and warm attitude.

I had the opportunity to record with you Pausa - and I hope this is not the last time ...

Sound, mixing and blasting out the song at all!

I am happy and hope you

"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"

Shir Brontmn

Our music


Music Production | Recording | Mix

Music Production | Recording | Mix


Music Production | Recording | Mix

Music Production | Recording | Mix



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