Audio Post Production for Film and TV

Post production for film and TV

In the final stages of a film production, the end is so close you can almost taste it.

The film is edited, all the dialogue is in place, the scenes have a good flow and the only thing left to do is work on the audio.

Working with an audio editor who treats each sound and note in the film as if his entire life depends on their exact location is crucial to your film’s success.

This is how we at Pausa Production House handle every project we’re given. We provide sound design services for film and television, during which we handle every element of audio in the film: dialogue, Foley, sound effects and mixing.


We have international libraries of copyrighted music and sound effects at our disposal and offer our clients a fun experience when producing a soundtrack for their films.

And if you should want an original score for your film, we would gladly provide you with the finest musicians who specialize in scoring original music for films, television series, theme music for television shows, movie trailers etc.

Audio Post Production for a Short Film

Audio Post Production for International Robotics Competition

Sound Design and Post for Visitor Center Film

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