Mobile Recording Studio

Travelling great distances to get those deep sounds


If you can’t get here – Pausa’s mobile studio will come to you!

Got something to record, but you don’t feel like driving up to the studio? Who says you have to?

Pausa’s mobile recording studio is already on its way over. We will set up a super-professional recording studio at your place, with high-end equipment and a skilled staff and record your music at the highest quality.


This service is intended for singer groups and choirs

Recording teens and children in schools

Recording bands in local community centers, municipalities and towns

Recording music performances

Recording special events

Or any need that requires a clean, high quality recording close to home

Mobile Recording Studio | The Benefits

  • Professional and fast results
  • Cutting the cost of transportation to the recording studio
  • Cutting the cost of security and adult supervision (in case of schools)
  • We come to you


Mobile Recording Studio | How does it work?

  • You invite us.
  • We choose the appropriate space for recording (there’s always one)
  • We arrive with our mobile recording studio, set up the equipment, and start recording.
  • At the end of the day we mix the recording on the spot, or later at the studio. As you prefer.
  • You get the final product on a file/CD that includes all of the recorded tracks.



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