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A recording studio that's all about musical creativity and art. Working to produce more quality music

A Recording Studio in Northern Israel

Pausa Production House’s recording studio is a high-end recording studio located in Kfar Haruv (Southern Golan Heights), at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Every coffee break can sweep you off your feet.

The compound offers an artistic, musical and creative experience that enrichens artists and allows them to create quality music. We set out to build a professional, state-of-the-art studio to serve the best artists and musicians from Israel and abroad.

We provide extensive audio services: produce and record albums, musical production for artists and bands, audio post services for film and TV, a mobile studio, jingle production, musical editing, remote recording services (with an amazing drum room) and even a video department that shoots and edits music videos for artists and bands.

An Intimate, Rural Recording Studio

First and foremost – we offer a musical environment that can bring the most out of every artist. The includes offers lovely spaces, a garden full of trees and herbs, nifty seating areas and a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and Mount Hermon, like only a recording studio in the north of Israel can offer.

The wonderful atmosphere is matched with state-of-the-art technology. Our studio has professional acoustics and high-end equipment that abide to international standards, combining warm analog equipment with digital gear of the highest quality.

The studio was designed acoustically from the exterior (heavy construction), through the partitioning to the meticulous acoustics in the recording booths and control room. All of the acoustic elements were imported from the US and implemented in Israel by acoustics expert Yonatan Sheffer.

The studio is located in a pastoral and peaceful area, allowing artists and clients to enjoy the creative and recording process away from the hassle of everyday life. Lodging is available at nearby B&Bs (for a wide price range) from which you can arrive to the studio on foot.

Noa Deutsch - Behind the Scenes

A great offer for audio department graduates

Pausa Recording Studios

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