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Film and TV's post production

Post Production Film and Television


In the final stages of film production begin to feel that you can already start to smell the end of the project.

Movie Edit, dialogues Instead, the scenes are good and left us only "sound order".

Precisely in these moments it is important to work with Sound Editor treats every character in the movie sound as if his life depended on his exact location.

We Pausa house productions relate to each project passes through our hands. We provide design services for film and television soundtracks, during which we treat all elements of the film's sound: dialogue, recording Folley, Sound-Effects and mix.



We hold international banks and the effects of music copyright protected and have provided our customers an enjoyable experience of producing your movie soundtrack.

If you want your film original music, will be happy to provide you with first-class talented musicians specializing in composing original soundtracks for movies, series, TV programs intros, trailers and the like.


Post a short feature film sound

Film Sound Post International Robotics Competition

Sound design and film post-Visitor Center

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