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Film Production Recommendations

Yigal Director Pause Productions

We even find it a privilege to give you this letter in appreciation and thanks for your work. After a long search we found clear to us that the ultimate solution-you.

We met a man combining professionalism and high professionalism in the field of video editing, yet affable and pleasantries, a true friend. Opened new horizons for us and presenting us new solutions had not even occurred to us. We had the great privilege of meeting you and we see an important component of our success in your work a lot. And so congratulations.

Divides Checkup
MI - Blade 433

Israeli police - producing training films blade 433

I found it necessary to express my gratitude to this letter and satisfaction for the film produced and set for us, "Pause Home Productions".
The film and its contents demonstrate and pass on the story of a village carob combined with the story of the Golan since its inception to this day.
Very much appreciated and hopefully works and other productions in the future,
Sharon Ibzori
Carob Village tourism manager



The resort expects to peace - a promotional film

To Whom It May Concern,
Letter of Recommendation for PAUSA 
I am happy to write a letter of recommendationfor Pausa. It has been a privilege to work with Yigal and his team. Yigal was extreme!y helpful and efficient with the production of 2 of our promotional videos. From our initial meetings to creating the storyboard, to script-writing, to planning, to production requirements, to filming, editing and all pre and post-production stages, Yigal proved to be highly professional, creative and very organized. His dedication and meticulous attention to detail ensured  the successful and smooth production of 2 short films, which our organization is very proud of.
I have no doubt that Yigal will continue to bring great energy, passion, and dedication to any project that he may fulfill in the future and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.
Sarah Vanunu
Executive Assistant to the CEO (Gideon Shavit) Alexander Muss High School in Israel

HSI - promotional film program AMHSI


I want to thank you on my behalf and Tn"a center team on preparing for medical clowning film and the film image. The results are impressive and interesting.
Anyone who watched movies in the country and gathering in Wales was very impressed.
We were interested to work with you and your staff, experienced professional work, interesting and caring. The success convey to the viewer the unique atmosphere that exists at the center Tn"a - the difficulty and the smile returned.

Dr. Lang and his team Tn"a Center

Tn"a Center (Center for Victims of Sexual Assault)

In honor of the company Pausa Video Art,
Greetings ,
I would like to express my great appreciation for the professional conduct and way of work accompanied the entire process of producing promotional videos to our company, "Shade Peru Limited".
Happily, in case you encountered before the important security exhibition and we put our trust in Pausa Video Art to produce promotional videos for us. And we have this first experience producing promotional video.
Since the beginning of the process we met pleasant people to talk, polite and very service oriented film crew members Continue spent a whole day with them, professional, courteous and tolerant and above all very, very strict.
Finally the film processing speed film preparation and serving us in record time. Extraordinarily professional and quality.
Understanding the customer and the characteristics of the film to the maturation of the finished product goes through many processes and I'm here to note Fawzi video art understood exactly what we wanted to emphasize how important we see the condition of the finished film, without much complications and without exhausting the customer.
Obviously this is a company with extensive experience and knowledge and understanding not require too much mediation to understand what customers want and how to see the final product in the eyes of the customer.
I thank you "experience" successful and the result is remarkable success down the road,

Thanks in advance
Daniel Ftzifitzi - CEO of Shade Peru Ltd.

SHADE PRO - Product training videos


Thank you :-) We are very pleased !!!

I again want to thank you for the professional and outstanding - well done!

Michal Samuni-Blank Ph.D. Candidate Faculty of Biology Technion Haifa, Israel

Lab: +972-4-9838894 michal.samuni@gmail.com

Michal Samuni - Film study


Yigal out amazing ... Thank you for everything !!!

Carmit Bensoussan, advocate marketing department office: 04-6678015 shivuk@dugal.co.il

Beach advocates - Image Film

Video work - Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar

Lots and lots Thanks for your cooperation today, and outcomes were amazing!

Ira This charming charming charming !! Girl Could you ...

Moran Koby Marketing Communications Brightman Almagor Zohar

Deloitte - Image Film

Pause Hello,
We got the film and liked what you did. With an emphasis on the great movie you hit the point we intended and we are satisfied with the result.
But not only, also serious and orderly conduct quick and at all stages, so thank you very much and we are very pleased with the final result, the entire chain of operations, photographers, editorial, punctuality and general management.
I personally can say that I enjoyed working with you and I wish you and me that this would be the first of a job more to come later. Straight power and keep it up !!!!! Thanks again and it was fun working with you

Sincerely, Daniel Ftzifitzi
CEO of Hyde Peru

Shade Pro - a series of instructional videos and product

September 22, 2011 17:49
היי יגאל ודורית,עכשיו כשהסדנה מאחורינו רצינו לומר לשניכם תודה על המאמץ וההשתדלות הרבים, ולספר שהסרטים יצאו מצוין והכי חשוב – עשו את העבודה שרצינו שיעשו, גם מבחינת היכולת לאבחן את הדמויות, וגם ליצור עניין ואקשן בסדנא. היה כיף לעבוד עם שניכם, יגאל – כל מה ששתלת כתוספת בסרט של מגדלי סוכר היה מאד משמעותי בלי להיות מורגש כתוספת וגם העריכה של "פול האוס" מצוינת – בקיצור רק שבחים על המקצוענות! ודורית היית מקסימה ומקדמת כאחד!
Thank you both, and have a good year. Halo and Liat
Halo Ades,
Seminars and workshops - National Bank

National Bank - a series of training videos

I just saw your new video on energy savings; it is excellent, really good, very didactic and informative, it responds directly to a question that we usually receive when we make presentations or give technical talks: what are the actual savings associated to the installation of air valves? 
Congratulations for making this study, and for making such a professional, clear, and enjoyable video.
I would like to include this video in the air valves presentations that I give in seminars around the country. Could I get a copy of the video? I could translate it to Spanish and dub it properly over the original English track. I would also like to receive a copy of the study, if possible, to publish it in our national water magazine.
Thank you and congratulations again. This kind of material really helps to our technical and commercial activity.

Best regards, Luis Conti
Tecnoflow ® Engineering Manager
The Water and Wastewater Division of Rich Klinger S.A.A.C.I. y F.
Santiago del Estero and Jose Hernandez | 1619 Garín | Buenos Aires | Argentina

Ari Film

In honor of the team Pausa
ARI Company prepared with your help film demonstrates how you can save energy with air valves Phoenix Contact are valued.
ARI members are very satisfied with the final product meets the film's primary goal setting work, and the expectations of all the partners to work. We have a new tool for promoting our work and our representatives in the world and has already started to receive comments from the audience abroad.
Joint work was organized, orderly, quick and good atmosphere. Rabbi own experience and professional approach of the pause instructed us how to prepare for a day shooting and contributed to work efficiency, as well as the quality of the result.

We look forward to avail the services of the company pause.
Thanks and regards, the latter Sagi, ARI

ARI Company - Product film


Dear friends, it turned out well !!!!
Many thanks for your patience, professionalism, speed and containment .... !!! You played it ..
You're the best !!!!!!

Best regards,
Tali Omer - VP
The Galilee Development Authority


The Galilee Development Authority - Movie Yearbook

Yigal Avihay expensive,

Thank you for an excellent project, professional, well made, exact times, politely and pleasantly.
Company level, I can say that we have received excellent feedback from all shades: employees, managers, partners, friends, colleagues.
Personally I really enjoyed working with you and as I told you this is just the beginning.

Hadas Shimoni
Ness Technologies

Ness - a series of promotional videos / Training

Fawzi House Productions

Hello Dear Sirs,
מקצועיות, אמינות ומסירות - כך הייתי מגדיר את פאוזה. מתחילת הדרך הם ידעו להתאים את התקציב למוצר ולהפיק את המירב מהמשאבים שהיו לרשותנו. כמובן שהוידיאו-גרפיה הייתה מצוינת: כל שוט היה יצירה אומנותית, כל זווית חושבה, וכל סיפור הועבר לצופה. עם פאוזה יום צילום זה יום צילום, זמנים זה קודש וכבוד הדדי הוא הבסיס ליחס המקצועי. ברצוני להודות ליגאל, לאורי המפיק, לעירא הצלם/עורך ולצוות האדמיניסרטיבי על הפקה מושקעת ומוצלחת שמכבדת את העיר אריאל ואת תושביה.

Best regards,
Avi Zimmerman
CEO Ariel Development Fund

Ariel Development Fund - the city's image film Ariel

Re: Video "loose fabric Israel moved from" 4102 produced owed "Pause Home Productions"
Is a pleasant duty to express appreciation for the subject matter.
Questioning, careful planning and meticulous execution of all stages were all very efficient and accurate "tick tock". The cooperation with the company manager and all the staff were pleasant and relaxed. Joint consultations, willingness to listen will of the customer, whether by telephone or face to face on the photographs - all were in good spirits and to the point.
All this testifies to the final result. A short video featuring beautiful and teach effectively and quickly the whole issue - the background, significance, technology, results and future plans. Indeed, the video shortness of interest praise wherever it is displayed, and we are proud of it.

Best regards,
Dr. Solomon frozen
Head of Agro-ecology (environment farming)

Ministry of Environment - Instructional Video

9 December 2015
To whom it may concern:
I am delighted to provide a recommendation for Pausa Production House.
We had the pleasure of working with the Pausa team led by Yigal Ohana on a video to showcase the work of Population Health at Bar Ilan Faculty of Medicine in the Galil. The project was complex and involved interviewing not only academic staff and medical students, but staff of community organizations too. Individuals with learning disabilities and mental illness also took part.
The result, a 4 minute production, can be viewed on the Faculty of Medicine's website at: medicine.biu.ac.il. 
Pausa worked in a professional way throughout. They were extremely well organized and ensured we were on track throughout the process. They completed the filming at six sites in one day and drew together the finished material on time, giving us the opportunity to provide our input and incorporating our suggestions.
We are delighted with the finished video which is on the Bar Ilan website, and which we have used to explain our work in the community with students, at academic meetings and to other interested parties. 
If you feel I can provide any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely
Professor Mary Rudolf MB BS BSc DCH FAAP FRCPCH
Population Health at Bar Ilan

Medical Faculty in Safed - Image Film

In honor of Yigal Ohana and staff pause
Re: producing a promotional film for the corporation "Who stove"

I want to express my great appreciation and gratitude to the film production process image for our company. Throughout this process, we realized that we work with expert staff, attentive service and customer needs while meeting the timetables set.
All this led to produce the most successful promotional film which contributed to the corporation's public relations efforts.
Congratulations to all those involved.
Best regards,
CPA Abraham Barel,
Who stove CEO Water and Sewage Corporation Ltd.

Who Corporation oven - Tape image

Dear Yigal and Pausa Team, 

Want to personally thank you for a fantastic video your team produced from start to finish. Your professionalism and attention to detail was fantastic. We look forward to working with you team again to produce great videos that make a difference for our students and community.
Michael Eglash

CJP & BIRTHRIGHT - promotional films (filmed in Israel and the United States)

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