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Teaching theater, acting and creative writing.


Ronit Ohana - theater director and workshop facilitator pause:

I has many years of experience teaching theater, acting and creative writing in a variety of settings, including:
Chen-year-old College Golan - First Teacher theater, acting and directing theater trend of the college.

  • Teacher and theater directing traffic trends in theater and dance.
  • Pusher Strait - Advisor to the theater and creative writing.
  • Chariot center of gay cousin - guiding creative drama and movement.
  • Library Bnei Yehuda Golan Heights - a creative writing workshop facilitator.
  • Department of Youth of the Municipality of Tiberias - acting teacher.
  • And many other settings ...




My basic concept presenting job groups, whether academic programs and whether more intimate settings, is the same: I would like to bring all the people to the place inside existing works, and to the ability to express himself in fullness and flow out of this place.

Game, movement, writing is the platform for this. Each of these areas provides a broad toolkit and training in a very diverse, individual and group work together producing results and outcomes.

But the foundation is in the process of investigation, the constant journey has a starting point and never had a finish line.

Only through…

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