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All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players

Pausa Theatre is an independent boutique theatre

Our theatre operates in Kfar Haruv next to the marvelous cliff overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Our plays are based on high quality works from classical theatre and literature to original stage plays, performed over the years on Israel's most reputable stages.

Next to plays, we currently focus on long-term, in-depth creation processes, and on working with amateur groups. The studio holds classes for children and youths, as well as one-time improv and dance workshops. The theatre includes a backstage area, lighting control system, professional sound system and a costumes and props room.

"The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental. It's so much like life"
- Arthur Miller
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To Ronit and all the actors,
Thank you for your fine performances and for collaborating with Yossi to surprise us in the play about Agnon.
Everyone who came to celebrate my birthday in such an original way enjoyed the play and had nothing but praise for it. You probably also heard from A.B Yehoshua who had a
"lightbulb moment"; about the doctor, of which I'm sure he told you because he called me the next day to get your phone number.

Hebrew and Comparative Literature - University of Haifa

I watched the play "Tales and Deeds" and I was moved. This is smart theatre that manages to reach deep inside our hearts through modest means.
Ronit Ohanna's adaptation and directing are so meticulous that on one hand, she never compromises a single letter of Agnon's beautiful language, while presenting the plot in a
sharp and clear manner.

Hanoch Raim

We were at awe by how you managed to breathe life into Agnon's stories through the Yigal Ohanna and Dan Soudry's mesmerizing performance.
We were captivated by The Coin, moved by the miraculous Fable of the Goat and the creative stage design, and relished at the Jerusalem spirit captured by From Foe to Friend.
Not only did you manage to stay fateful to the original text by Agnon, you also expanded upon it through your unique stage interpretation.

Uri Zvi Greenberg Legacy House

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