Classes for Children and Youths

The theatre provides children with a sense of security, teaches them to listen to their surroundings, increases their self-esteem and mainly allows them to have fun

Pausa Theatre offers drama and acting classes for children of different age groups:

• 6-9-year olds
• 10-12-year olds
• 13-14-year olds

The yearlong class is a structural process. We hold weekly meetings (with different durations for each age group), culminating with a wrap-meeting / performance open to the audience at the end of the year.

The participants undergo experiential, personal and group work, which combines the fundamentals of theatre and acting with elements from the children’s inner world. The exercises are dynamic and diverse, and allow the participants to develop their acting chops, express themselves, unravel their imagination, recontextualize moments from everyday life, improve their ability to react and act on the fly (improv), express themselves through non-verbal movement, learn infinite acting tools and techniques, and of course, let go and just have fun.

A personal note from me (Ronit):

The foundation of my theatre work is that drama and acting are a platform through which members of the group can deepen their understanding of their inner self, with the powers of creation and imagination and of course in collaboration with the group.

I maintain a balance between group dynamics, working in pairs and practicing in private.
A supportive and inclusive group gradually evolves, allowing every member to be what they are and what they want to be… time and time again!

We’d love to have you 🙂

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