Community Theatre

All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.  Spontaneity, flexible thinking, creativity and fun are all acquired during these sessions and become a part of life.

Our amateur theatre group has been operating with a rotating line-up for over 12 years.

The group meets once a week for a meaningful, experiential, hilarious and enjoyable process over the course of the year.

Every year, the group and its director Ronit Ohanna embark on a fascinating, explorative and introspective journey, attempting to stretch the boundaries of stage language and explore the infinite range of human acting abilities.

The meetings are based on a wide variety of improv exercises, most of which were developed or expanded upon by Ronit. Our main goal is to be in the now, let go of emotional inhabitations and intellectual restrictions, and react authentically and vibrantly through words and motions.

The theatre group offers its members an inclusive, pleasant, empowering and flexible environment.

The group performs a show to the general public at the end of each year.

Pausa’s group facilitator and stage director Ronit Ohanna tailors the shows to the abilities and needs of the group’s participants. The plays are based on established stage plays, some more well-known than others, retold and reimagined by the director.

The group’s productions are skillfully performed, attracting an enthusiastic and loyal audience (local and otherwise).

You’re welcome to join us! We’re living it up to the full extent of the word!

Dying of Love - 2015 end-of-year show

The Hot Seat - web series pilot featuring group participants

Pausa Theatre Promotional Video

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