Improv Workshops and Creative Writing

Theatre workshops, improv workshops, creative writing workshops

Our theatre and improv workshops take the participants on a creative, entertaining, individual and communal experience. This is our chance to rediscover ourselves, be daring, make mistakes, use our imagination and experience roleplaying and diverse situations.

I tailor the content of these onetime workshops to the group and the purpose of the activity. This ranges from light, humorous workshops to deep, explorative workshops of dramatic situations and discovering truth on stage.

Over my many years of facilitating theatre workshops and groups, I’ve developed a wide variety of exercises, all based on improvisation and on the “here and now”. Because in life, just like in the workshop, we all improvise.



Improv Workshops

A workshop based on exercises of improvisation and introspection, dealing with different issues and situations.

In this workshop, participants are asked to bring up conflicts and situations from their work (or everyday) lives, and through theatre exercises and simulations, gain a new perspective on the situation, opening the door to solutions.

The participants get a chance to play themselves, and sometimes even the person they’re in conflict with, bringing new insights and response to light.



Creating Writing Workshops

A writing workshop that invites its participant to improvise… in writing.

By dealing with outside inspirations (texts, photographs, images…), and guided exercises that establish a framework that’s very clear yet open enough for self-expression, the participants are able to be spontaneous and creative in their writing.

The workshop includes exercises from the world of bibliotherapy, which can be expanded into a recurring workshop.



Motion Theatre Workshops

An introduction to the world of motion theatre, a world without verbal expression or choreographed dancing, but rather a fusion of different disciplines that offers new, bold ways to interpret human conditions, emotions and mindsets.

In this workshop we will explore physical ways of expressing familiar, emotional and diverse situations.

We will tell stories without words, move without dancing, work with imageries, gestures, use of space, changing beats, flowing motion, freezes, structured movements and more… we will explore the options of variations of theatrical movement, as individuals and as a group.



Workshops for Team Building Activities, Content and Fun

Pausa Theatre offers a variety of workshops for businesses and factories.

The workshops include active guidance, content simulations presented by professional actors and active participation of audience members.


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