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A boutique theatre that produces first-rate plays, table reads and diverse improv sessions. Our plays start out at the studio, and then go on to tour the country.

We love to produce plays.

To dive into the fascinating process of rehearsals by choosing the text, casting and translating the written word into a synthesis of actions, emotions and motions.

The process of working on a play is very similar to having a child. A lot of emotions are activated simultaneously, difficulties arise, solutions are discovered, the creation grows and gains a momentum and a life of its own… and a play is born. The play meets an audience, and if we did everything right it gets lots of love…

We love to produce plays!



Our plays are based on high-quality works from classical theatre and literature to original stage plays.

Our productions include: “Rachel and I”, “Tough Love”, “Home”, Dying of Love”, “Tales and Deeds”, “The Doctor and his ex-Wife”, “The Classics and Us”, “The Glass Menagerie”, “Something from Agnon” and many more…

Over the years, we’ve performed on the stages of Israel’s top theatres: the Cameri Theatre, Jerusalem Khan Theatre, Haifa Theatre, Tzavta Theatre, Jerusalem Theatre, The Ensemble Theater Company Herzliya, Maraah Theater, Acre Festival, Neve Yosef Festival and more… as well as auditoriums, community centers, regional councils and towns across Israel.

"Tough Love" Trailer

"Rachel and I" Trailer

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