Stage Shows

Pausa Theatre specializes in producing stage shows for anniversaries and holidays in towns and communities. We love to turn amateurs into acting, singing and dancing professionals.

We have written and produced over a hundred stage shows across Israel.

Our main advantage, aside for having years of experience, is our ability to utilize all of our departments (video, audio, concept and theatre) when producing stage shows, which allows our clients to feel at ease, enjoy the process and get professional results.

We produce every aspect of the show: research, writing, directing, musical direction, choreography, video art and studio recordings.

Be it a community anniversary, a national holiday event, a graduation ceremony or any other kind of multi-participant community show, you need an experienced, creative and practical captain to lead the journey.

Pausa Production House provides a wide umbrella that includes all of the elements necessary for creating a multi-participant show, and also, we’re just good with working with people!

We know the ins and outs of theatre, and have a way of getting the most out of every participant. We ensure a meaningful, formative experience as well as rich, meticulous and superb results.

We love what we do! We’d love to work with you too!

Kfar Haruv 40th Anniversary Show

Bnei Atarot 60th Anniversary Show

Circus of Questions - Youth Group Show

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