Theatre Studies

Teaching the art of theatre, acting and creative writing.

Ronit Ohanna – Pausa Theatre Director and Workshop Facilitator:

I have many years of experience teaching theatre, acting and creative writing in many different settings, include:

  • Golan Bat Chen Seminary – head teacher of theatre, acting and directing
  • Directing and movement theatre teacher in the performing arts departments
  • Meitzar Academy – theater and creative writing facilitator
  • Aliza Ben David’s Merkava Center – creative drama and movement facilitator
  • Bnei Yehuda Library – creative writing workshop facilitator
  • Tiberias Municipality Youth Department – Acting teacher
  • And more…



The foundation of my work as a group facilitator, be it in academic frameworks or more intimate environments, is one: I seek to draw every person closer to their creative side, and find their ability to express themselves fully and freely within this space.

Acting, motion and writing are the platform for this. Each of these fields provides a diverse toolbox that produce great results in individual and group work.

The core of this process is in the exploration, which always has a starting point but never a finishing line.

It’s all about the journey…

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