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In recent years, the world of advertising and digital media has been shifting towards the network activities.

More and more advertisers today prefer online campaigns on Facebook or YouTube, rather than traditional television advertising.

Online advertising is perceived by the public as more reliable and more accessible. It also allows advertisers to display additional angles of the business or company beyond the standard impression.


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There are many advantages in producing an online campaign. The cost of any web campaign is significantly lower than a TV campaign. The ability to define and segment audiences in a web campaign is phenomenal. It is possible to reach precisely the target audience that we defined at the beginning of the campaign and to invest focused and targeted energy in the segmented audience.

Alongside the film's production package, we also offer our customers the option of working with advertising and promotion companies that specialize in web campaigns. Working together from the beginning of the process - The artistic team together with the sales experts - produces a creative concept that will be both cool and effective.


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