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A short film produced for the 48 Hour Film Project

Screenplay: Yigal Ohanna, Ben Kedem

Director: Yigal Ohanna

Cinematography: Ira Belsky

Original score: Alon Ohanna

Editing: Ira Belsky

Actors: Tamar Shtaierman, Yigal Ohanna

Crew: George Weinberg, Hadas Gonen, Liat Yuval, Dina Marans


The 5th Commandment

A documentary about the tragic story of Shuki (Moshe) Besso, produced for the Doco Challenge Festival.

Honor thy father and thy mother – so the fifth commandment, one of ten fundamental laws handed down to mankind, tells us.

Film director Yigal Ohanna explores whether there we are inherently driven to uphold this divine command. Are all parents worthy of respect? Is it a moral imperative, or one that is conditioned?

Screenplay: Yigal Ohanna

Director: Yigal Ohanna

Cinematography: Arsení Brovín, Yigal Ohanna

Original score: Adam Dasa, from the album Bein Adam Lamakom

Editing: Donna Glate, Yigal Ohanna

After effects: Ira Belsky

Executive Producer: Hadas Gonen

Sharp Image – Cinema Magazine on Channel 1 – 2013 Doco Challenge

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