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Corporate films are an essential tool for every business body, institution or organization that wishes to put themselves on the map. Today’s internet world is clearly shifting to the method of delivering messages via video content. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a corporate video is worth a thousand pictures! Even internet giants such as YouTube and Facebook are waging war over who gets to provide the most suitable video platform to meet the growing demand for video content.

Corporate films present your message in a manner that persuades viewers to choose you over your competitors. The film has to deliver a short and catchy message, describe the unique advantages of your business or project, be precise and brand the product correctly so that the viewers are convinced to use the services you offer.

Ad Campaign - Israel Football Association

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Producing Corporate Films for Businesses and Companies

Pausa Production House specializes in producing corporate films, product videos and 2D and 3D animation for companies, government institutions, organizations, associations and businesses of all sizes. We have produced hundreds of corporate films for companies and a variety of clients, with an emphasis on listening to the client’s needs and uncompromising artistic and technologic quality. We view each film as an opportunity to dive into a new world of artistic possibilities and endless knowledge.

We produce:

  • Corporate films
  • Product videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Videos for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Animation
  • Online videos
  • And more…

Every project we produce undergoes a meticulous process of artistic and technical supervision, from the first word of the script to the final shot in the editing room.

Why You Need a Corporate Film

The Padeh Poriya Medical Center - Promotional Video

Metzuyanegev Project Video

Shekel Israel Product Video

The New North

"The Spiritual Meets the Material" - City of Safed Promotional Video

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