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Delivering your message through a colorful and lively medium

Animated Video Production

The need for illustrating different content and messages has always existed in world of advertising and marketing. We want to deliver our information to the target audience in a simple, direct and fun way. The methods change all the time but the search continues.

One of the best and most popular ways of achieving these goals is by producing animated videos. Animation allows us to deliver complex messages using a colorful and lively medium. Animated characters make it easier for the viewer to connect to the video’s message directly.

Animated Video - Yom 100 Website

Animated Video Production | Limitless Possibilities

Animated videos are perfect for fields with complex or “dry” content such as hi-tech, fundraising, medical instructions, visualizations of future projects, marketing etc. Producing animated videos for businesses is also effective when the company or business wish to avoid filming at their site, because they feel their location isn’t on brand enough.

The options include:

  • Videos with animated characters
  • Infographics that combine animated texts and objects
  • Videos that integrate animated characters with live-action footage
  • Animated objects in live-action footage

This interesting and diverse tool can offer you many options to consider when producing a corporate film. The brainstorming process with our animation studio raises many questions and after a complete analysis, we will offer you a concept that is playful, focused and precise.


Animated Video Production | Easiest Road to YouTube

Animation is fun and easy to watch, making it a powerful tool that can reach wide distribution on social media, Facebook and YouTube. Promoting the video after production is complete is an integral part of the marketing and sales work. A well-made animated video goes a long way in assisting with promotion and reaching broad audiences quickly.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation - Promotional Video

Video for Yom 100 Website

Nature Protection Society Convention

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