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The world of advertising and digital media has been shifting towards online activities in recent years.

More and more advertisers prefer to run online campaigns on Facebook or YouTube, over traditional advertising on television.

Online advertising is perceived by the public as more reliable and accessible. It also allows advertisers to show the business or company from a different perspective as entities that think outside of the box.

Producing an online ad campaign has many advantages. The cost of running an online campaign is significantly lower than a television campaign. An online campaign’s segmentation capabilities are phenomenal. We can reach the target audience established at the beginning of the campaign to extreme accuracy, dedicating our resources to a specific demographic.

In addition to the production of the video, we offer our clients the option of working with marketing and advertising companies that specialize in online ad campaigns. When the artistic team works together with Facebook and Google sales experts from the very beginning of the process, the resulting concept is creative, sharp and highly effective.

Online Marketing Video for Marpet

Thank You Video for Our Followers

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