Videos for Stage Events

Business events are the face of the company. The quality of content screened at the event tells your audience how you see yourselves

Major company keynote events, important government ministry conferences, product launches and even political events begin and end over the course of one evening. Each production lasts only for a few hours, but the legacy of such an event can last for many years to come.

Any good event begins with choosing and producing high-quality content, from stage design to selecting the speakers, choosing the appropriate food and the main video screened at the event.

Over the past few years we’ve produced dozens of videos of flagship events for public bodies and leading companies in the Israeli market. This is a complex process in which many players must work in synergy in order to put on an artistically and technically successful show.

We are constantly in touch with the client and the production company and take care of the event’s creative concept as well as all of the physical aspects (stage design and screens, sound, lighting, visual elements and effects). Based on all of the above, we can produce videos for you at any length, resolution or genre.

Negev in Motion - 2014 Negev Conference

Nature Protection Society Convention

The Galilee in Numbers - Or Movement Event

Ramat Magshimim 50th Anniversary

The New North - 2016 Galilee Conference

Best Employees Video - Visa CAL Event

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