Videos for Visitor Centers

A video that takes you back in time, far away from where you are now

Producing videos for visitor centers is our favorite cinematic endeavor. All the artistic aspirations that need to be pushed down a little when producing regular commercial projects can be expressed in full force in the production of a visitor center video.

The people arriving at the center pay for a ticket and expect to get their money’s worth with a moving and awe-inspiring experience. We dive into the history of a township, study a company thoroughly, spend months on a new idea or initiative and use all of this to produce moving videos that retell and revitalize old familiar stories.

A visitor center takes the general public on a “behind the scenes” tour of our client’s world.

Visitor centers tell the audience that we believe in transparency, are open to dialogue and interested in telling a story. In the modern world, these values are just as important as excellence, reputation, seniority or innovation. These are the things that turn end customers into fans.

Kishon Visitor Center

Return of the Date - Kinneret Dates Visitor Center

Real Pioneers - Degania Alef Visitor Center

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