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I just saw your new video on energy savings; it is excellent, really good, very didactic and informative, it responds directly to a question that we usually receive when we make presentations or give technical talks: what are the actual savings associated to the installation of air valves? 
Congratulations for making this study, and for making such a professional, clear, and enjoyable video.
I would like to include this video in the air valves presentations that I give in seminars around the country. Could I get a copy of the video? I could translate it to Spanish and dub it properly over the original English track. I would also like to receive a copy of the study, if possible, to publish it in our national water magazine.
Thank you and congratulations again. This kind of material really helps to our technical and commercial activity.

Best regards, Luis Conti
Tecnoflow ® Engineering Manager
The Water and Wastewater Division of Rich Klinger S.A.A.C.I. y F.
Santiago del Estero y José Hernández | 1619 Garín | Buenos Aires | Argentina

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