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Author boutique theater quality performances, theater sessions and reading various improvisation evenings.

Our performances begin at the studio, and wander the country


We love doing shows.

Dive fascinating process of selecting text begins rehearsals, the cast, translating words on the range of activities, actions, emotions and movements.

The work process on all display similar to pregnancy. A lot of emotions operate in parallel, difficulties arise, solutions are found, the work is growing and gaining momentum and a life of its own ... and had a show. Presentation seen by the public, and if we managed it gets a lot of love ...

We love to do shows!



Our performances are based on high quality materials from classical theater, literature and playwright source.

Among the plays we produced: "Rachel and I", "tough love", "Home", "die for love", "practical actions", "The doctor and his ex-wife", "Classics and we", "The Glass Menagerie", "Something from Agnon" and many more ...

We performed the best over the years, Israeli stages: the Cameri Theater, the Khan Theater, Haifa, Tel Aviv Tzavta Jerusalem Theater, Herzliya Ensemble Theater M.r.a.h, Acre Festival, Neve Yosef Festival and more ... as well as cultural venues, community "Sim, regional councils and communities around the country.


Trailer show "tough love"

Trailer show "Rachel and I"

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