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Visitor Center Degania


Artistic consultancy and technology and producing first visitor center courtyard Degania Alef.

The visitor center was set up as part of a change in the concept of "first court" and providing the central theme around the tourism Cornflower proportion of women that build Degania.

Women like Mary Burch, Rachel Singer and other women set up by enterprises and institutions as No'am WIZO, modern dairy farms, literature and poetry and actually took part in writing the new narrative of Zionism in Israel.


The visitor center is located at the entrance, in the old water tower, next to the store Cornflower tourism products.


Staff Pause: Yigal Ohana, Tomer Rosenman, Ronit Ohana, Ira Belsky and many more ..

Cornflower team: myrtle and roses, lilies Siegel, the father of a sledgehammer and more ...


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