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Visitor centers movies

A film that takes you on a journey, or experienced a historic, far from where you are


Visitor Centers Film Production domain is the doing of film we like the most. All artistic ambitions, which must "remain on the back burner" normal commercial projects, can be expressed in full force in the process of film production center visitors.

The audience coming from paying the ticket and expect to be rewarded appropriately, exciting and captivating paid card. We dive into the history of the city, studying in depth the subtleties of society, living for months with ideas and new initiatives, and from this end of the process producing films that excite or tell an old story in a new outfit.


Visitor Centers - Technology tells a story

Visitor Centers - tell a story

Visitor centers - integrating activities


Visitor Center is open for the general public a glimpse into the "behind the scenes" of our client.

Establishing a visitors center transmits to the openness, transparency, desire for dialogue with the public and a desire to tell a story. In the modern world are no less important values ​​of excellence, reputation, experience or innovation. These are the things that make the end-customer fans.


Drainage Authority Visitor Center and Kishon Rivers

"The Return of the Palm" - a visitor center Kinneret

"True pioneers" - a visitor center Degania

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